Dear colleagues, experts from railway sector,

we invite you to the International Scientific Conference:

Horizons of railway transport 2023

„Determinants of the development of the railway system in the context of the society-wide assessment of investments in railway infrastructure and public passenger transport",

which organizes University of Žilina on behalf of of the Rector of the University of Žilina prof. Ing. Ján Čelko, CSc. in cooperation with:

- Slovak Scientific and Technical Society - Transport (member of SVTS),
- Ministry of Transport of the Slovak Republic,
- Železnicami Slovenskej republiky,
- Železničnou spoločnosťou Slovensko, a.s.,
- Železničnou spoločnosťou Cargo Slovakia, a.s.,

The conference will take place on October 2 - October 3, 2023 in the Permon**** hotel in Podbanské in the High Tatra

Conference invitation in pdf. - stiahnuť

The 12th annual international scientific conference aims to promote innovative theoretical and practical knowledge in two areas: economics, management, and marketing, as well as operational-technological issues of securing traffic and transport processes in the railway system. The thematic focus emphasises the determinants of the development of the railway system in the context of evaluating investments in railway infrastructure and public passenger transport from a societal point of view. The issue of creating a unified, interoperable, and harmonised European railway area within the EU is key to strengthening the absorption capacity of incremental transport flows in freight and passenger transport within the framework of strengthening rail transport as an environmentally friendly mode of transport. The conference follows on from previous years and, at the same time, creates a platform for the exchange of knowledge from the implementation of the Recovery and Resilience Plan.


Important dates

  • 31.08.2023 - Sending the full paper
  • 22.09.2023 - Conference payment deadline
  • 02.10. - 03. 10. 2023 - Conference realisation

Organized by:


  • University of Žilina
    The Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications

  • Address:

    Univerzitná 8215/1
    010 26 Žilina

  • E-mail: