About Faculty


The Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport was founded in 1953 as one of the former faculties of the College of Railways in Prague, the original name of today’s University of Žilina. The main goal of the Faculty activities is transport and all modes of transport operational technologies. In 1980 the Faculty again changed the name to the Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications in order to recognise another professional orientation for technologies and services in communications. The Faculty works intensively in engineering, technology, business and trade. Reflecting its top interests, the Faculty focuses on preparing future generations of specialists in accredited three-level study programmes for all branches of transport and communications, i. e. for road, urban, railway, air and water transport systems, postal services and telecommunications. In 2000 another Faculty’s orientation started with educational and research activities in economics and management of corporation when lecturing in general economics as well as transport economics is provided.

Faculty’s mission

“High quality education, science and research in the field of engineering, operational, technological and commercial-economic disciplines of transport and communications for prospective careers of our students”.

Courses Taught

The university education offered by the Faculty gives a theoretical basis required for further practical activities. It is offered at three levels: bachelor’s, engineering and doctoral study programmes. In particular branches of study the programmes aim at application of theoretical knowledge in a specific area, e.g. in transport, transport and postal services. On the other hand, the study of economics and management topics helps our students to be well prepared for jobs in economic, financial and social systems of society. The Faculty awards bachelor’s, engineer’s and doctoral degrees.

Bc. Study Programmes

Road Transport, Railway Transport, Air Transport, Air Transport - Professional Pilot, Water Transport, Forwarding and Logistics, Postal Services, Postal Technologies, Electronic Business and Management, Economics and Management of Enterprise, Financial Management

M.Sc. Study Programmes

Road Transport, Railway Transport, Air Transport, Aircraft Maintenance Technology, Water Transport, Postal Engineering, Economics and Management of Enterprise, Forwarding and Logistics, Financial Management

PhD. Study Programmes

Economics of Transport, Communications and Services, Economics and Management of Enterprise, Transport Technique and Technology, Postal Technologies, Transport Services

Graduate’s Career Prospects

The graduate in the bachelor’s programme of a particular branch of study is prepared to solve issues of a routine character at a mid level of operational or business management of corresponding corporations and/or institutions. The graduate in the engineering programme (according to the specialization) will feature abilities and skills evolving inventiveness, which can be used in top managerial functions and/or when new procedures, technologies and innovative methods and approaches are looked for. The graduate in the doctoral programme is trained and well prepared either for activities in research and development or for scientific work in a particular area.

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