Research Activities

The focus and scope of the scientific-research activity

Scientific and research activity of FPEDAS is focused on solving technology transport and communications processes, transport techniques and economics of transport and communications. Theoretical and experimental research is designed to address these problems, in particular:

  • transport and data policy and identifying socially optimal levels of traffic and communications systems,
  • efficiency and quality of transport and connections,
  • making public transport systems and evaluating the public road and urban passenger transport,
  • the interaction of demand and supply in transport, post, telecommunications, information networks in relation to the market structure and the structure of the economy,
  • diagnosis of the business environment in transport and communications, the elaboration of appropriate methods of diagnosis in transport and communications enterprises and determining effective therapies in the following undertakings,
  • monitoring and prediction of the cost of transport and services with respect to technology, the calculation of the external effects of transport and their internalisation,
  • the components of the structure of the working motivation in networks,
  • competitive and sustainable growth in the transport system while maintaining an acceptable mobility, intermodality implementation,
  • the unification of international transport on two transport modes,
  • assessment of the effectiveness of investments in transport,
  • geodetic reference system in aviation,
  • according to the characteristics of the shape of the hull of ships and navigation,
  • extreme intuitive geometry problems,
  • the methodology for the identification and analysis of the costs in the logistics chain,
  • Poland-Slovakia-Czech cross-border cooperation,
  • quality management in services.

The results of the research are

  • applied in the publishing,
  • presented at scientific conferences and seminars at home and abroad,
  • used as a background or explanatory report to the Central Government authorities and the international organisations,
  • applied in transport, post and telecommunications organizations in the form of technological processes, guidelines, and applications in devices,
  • applied in teaching process.

To improve the quality of scientific research activities in cooperation with sectoral targets, contributes research institutes and businesses, transport, posts and telecommunications of SR, as well as with universities and transportation and communication organizations abroad.

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