Department provides courses for profiling disciplines, namely road and urban transport technology, transport engineering, road transport, dynamics of road vehicles, technological means of material handling, road vehicles, road transport, freight forwarding, logistics, mass passenger transport, transport planning, maintenance and repair of road vehicles and others.

The Department of Economics provides basic and specialized economic, legal and social subjects for whole faculty in all study fields and selected study fields of other faculties of the Žilina University in Žilina.

Department of Quantitative Methods and Economic Informatics provides teaching of mathematical and informatics subjects for whole PEDAS faculty for all study programs and selected study programs of other faculties and institutes of Žilinská University in Žilina.

The Department of Air Transport of University in Žilina is the center of education, research and training in field of civil aviation.

Department of Communications is a profile department for the education of university experts in the field of information and communication technologies, postal, logistic and forwarding services in telecommunication and networking enterprises.

Department of Water Transport is the center of education and research in inland river and sea navigation.

Department provides training of profiling disciplines, namely railway transport and transportation processes (including their modeling), economy and rail transport management. In addition, it also provides courses for intermodal transport, logistics, handling of transport material, commodities - shipping and packaging technology, forwarding, environmental aspects of transport and others.

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