Dear participants of the conference Company Diagnostics, Controlling and Logistics,

Due to events other days and issued actions related to reducing the risk of the spread of the coronavirus Covide-19 organizers were forced to cancel the conference Company diagnostics, controlling and logistics. Despite the efforts of the organizers, it is clear today that it will not be possible to hold the conference in a virtual form within the set deadline.

However, we believe that you will keep your favour and that we will meet at a different date at the conference. At present, the organizers are considering the period in months October – November 2020.
We will inform you about news concerning the organization of the conference Company Diagnostics, Controlling and Logistics by e-mail and our website.

Good health to you

Scientific and Organizational Committee of the Conference

University of Žilina
Meeting Room of the Scientific Board of University of Žilina
Vysokoškolákov 26,
Veľký Diel, Žilina
Conference Dates: 23–24 April 2020

The language used in the article: English
Abstract: 200 – 250 words
Length of the article: 6 – 8 pages

The condition of publication is the originality of the article. The authors of the article guarantee that the article has not been published so far and that it is not in the process of peer review proceedings of another conference/magazine. All articles are first reviewed by the editors who check the fulfilment of the essential requirements and the thematic compliance with the focus of the conference. Articles that do not meet the requirements will be rejected. An anonymous peer-review system is used to verify the scientific qualifications of the articles. Each article is reviewed by two independent reviewers. Reviewers will draw up their opinion, including comments for authors, and recommend:

  • publishing the article as amended,
  • publishing the article after slight corrections,
  • publishing the article after extensive corrections,
  • publishing the article after corrections and repeated review,
  • rejecting the article.

The final decision to accept or reject the submission is sent to the author along with the reviewer’s recommendations. Articles will be checked using an anti-plagiarism tool. Any ethical misconduct will be considered serious and will be a reason to reject the article for publication in the conference proceedings.

Formal requirements for publishing:

  • The article must be internally divided into chapters according to the recommended structure for scientific contributions and articles (introduction, methods and objectives, results and discussion). The paper must include keywords (max. 5 words) and abstract (200-250 words).
  • The contribution should be marked according to JEL classification (
  • References should be cited in the text by placing sequential numbers in brackets (for example, [1], [2, 5, 7], [8-10]). They should be numbered in the order in which they are cited. A complete reference should provide enough information to locate the article. Please, follow the requirements in the template of the article. 15-20 references are required. At least 10 references must be from the Web of Science database.
  • Each participant can submit a maximum of 2 contributions (one as the lead author, one as the co-author).
  • The article must contain:
    • title
    • full names of authors
    • affiliation of authors (including the name of department, faculty, university, address, e-mail address; if necessary corresponding author should be tagged)
  • Text can contain tables, images, and formulas that must be numbered (use Microsoft Equation 3.0 or MathType for formulas). See the template for more information.

Please send your contributions to:

Name the files (articles, which are to be sent) by the names of all authors (without diacritics) according to the following pattern: Madlenakova_Tengler_Padourova_paper

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The full paper is successfully uploaded if authors receive a confirmation email.

In addition to accepting the review process, the publication of the article in the conference proceedings is subject to the signing of the Copyright Statement.

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